Smok Novo 2

A Highlight Of The Smok Novo 2 Titanium Watch

Specially created for men, Smok Novo 2 is a new watch that provides all of the style and functionality of the initial. The first watch Smok Novo was a very popular men’s watch. The styling of the initial made wearing a watch fashionable. So many men were buying the original that they started a new line, the original Smok Novo 2 watch.

They took the first style and added some extra features. The colors have already been improved and Smok Novo now will come in many different options. You can get a stainless watch or one which is plated in gold or silver. They have even leather options. These styles make Smok Novo watches both masculine and stylish.

But what makes this new design so different? The solution is simple. The new watch has a case that is made out of ceramic instead of plastic. This material holds the watch together while also and can be more durable. It’s definitely a big improvement over plastic watches and Smok Novo 2 is proof.

Another big change in the case is the band that goes around the dial. Instead of a band that is round, this one is made out of a squared band. This keeps the watch from getting scratched and prevents water from damaging the hour hand. The band is water resistant and Smok Novo 2 is scratch resistant as well. Most people won’t even notice that there is a band on the watch if it is an automatic or mechanical watch.

The band on the watch is water resistant as long as you do not submerge it. If you submerge it, though, it will become vunerable to rust. The band on this watch is made out of surgical steel. It is fully functional without having to be altered. Because the band is surgical steel, it really is resistant to corrosion.

Among the best parts of the watch may be the bracelet. It is crafted from surgical steel as well. As the bracelet is so heavy, it is strong enough to aid the weight of the watch. Unlike other watches, the Smok Novo 2 doesn’t need any functions to be added. All that should be changed will be the colors.

One of the primary complaints about the original Smok Novo was that the watch didn’t stay water resistant underwater. After some research, we learned that most manufactures have changed the direction they design their watches. Now the watch will stay waterproof for at least thirty minutes after being submerged under water. Before, the watch could only withstand water for up to fifteen minutes. A great deal of users reported that the watch won’t dry out under water, that may lead to the watch becoming damaged.

These changes have made the Smok Novo 2 watch one of the greatest on the market. It is water resistant, includes a stylish look, and contains been changed from a gold band to a stainless steel band. The initial watch was only available in black, so this is a wonderful opportunity for those who want a watch with a bit more personality. The prices may also be great, making them an excellent value for all those on a budget, or for those who just want to change the color of these watch.

This watch is easy to maintain. Just use a gentle dish soap and hot water to clean it. For those who have any concerns that the watch could easily get too dirty, you can always wipe it down before using it again. There is even a carrying case included, so you do not need to buy one separately.

Everybody knows how annoying it is whenever we lose our keys or have forgotten our mobile phones inside the car. This can easily be avoided by having a reliable timepiece. Not merely may be the Smok Novo 2 stylish, but it addittionally keeps accurate time. With accurate time, you do not have to worry about losing an important meeting or job opportunity because you misjudged enough time.

sophisticated watch that’s functional as well, you should look at the Smok Novo 2. If you wear the original watch, you need to keep it around just in case you lose the original. If you opt to purchase a replacement, factors to consider to find the same style and type of watch. Having the same watch means you should understand exactly when you need to improve enough time!